The conference includes papers describing analytical, numerical, and experimental studies for basic and applied research contributions in the areas of free and wall bounded shear flows, that is, JETS, WAKES AND SEPARATED FLOWS, and their control of techniques ranging from low- to high-speed flows.

Research topics of interest include flow characteristics of
  • jets, wakes and separated flows and their control, vortex structure of their flows,
  • mixing and diffusion of and by their flows,
  • oscillatory and swirling of their flows,
  • interaction or impingement of and by their flows,
  • two-phase of their flows, and
  • their flow's noise studies.
Papers are also solicited covering
  • separation control,
  • drag reduction,
  • control of shock boundary layer interaction,
  • noise suppression,
  • transition control,
  • mixing or diffusion enhancement, heat transfer, and
  • aerodynamic shaping.
  • passive control researches using geometric shaping or fixed devices, e.g. vortex generators, tab and rib are encouraged.
  • active control approaches that use energized actuators to dynamically manipulate flow structure by open-loop or closed-loop algorithms are desired.
  • contributions that develop understanding of jets, wakes and separated flows with analytical studies are welcome.
  • calculations with innovative computational methods for these flows are sought, especially those that develop or estimate numerical, formulation and modeling approximations.
  • experimental contributions that understand JETS, WAKES AND SEPARATED FLOWS, explain vortex structure, mixing, diffusion and separation mechanisms, or present measurements and visualization of flow structures are sought.